Industrial & Scientific Weighing Equipment - Weighbridges / Truck Scales

Maximus Scales offer robust, heavy duty weighbridges from British and Sino Japanese manufacturers. Both brands weigh vehicles dependably and accurately in even the toughest of industrial environments. A width of 3 metres and lengths of up to 24 metres are typical and strengths up to 120 tonnes are available as standard. The weighbridges are modular mild steel structures fitted with stainless steel compression load cells or the ultra reliable, patented, weigh bars. They can be surface or pit mounted as best suits location, industry and use. In their designs both manufacturers utilise ‘Finite Element Analysis’ [FEA] to identify key stress points and counter the effects of deflection upon accuracy and longevity. Combined with high quality fabrication and finishing this results in weighbridges with optimum integrity that are built to last. Contact us for further information and a quotation on our weighbridges and compatible indicators, printers or software based control systems.