Digital weight indicator with a big 8" touch screen display, suitable for advanced industrial applications. It allows the visualization of all the weighing data and the customization of the screens, simplifying the user operations. Fitted with 3 serial ports, Ethernet port, transmission protocols for data communication, completely configurable printouts, integrated alibi memory, and port for connection to barcode/badge reader.

  • Main Features

    • Backlit graphic display with 8" touch screen technology, lxh= 160x120 mm size. Screens completely customizables.
    • Multilanguage software.
    • QWERTY, AZERTY or QWERTZ keyboard, selectable.
    • ABS waterproof enclosure, with new IP65 protection system (IP40 on version with thermal printer).
    • Dimensions: 278x125x186 mm.
    • Suitable for use on the table, column, or wall.
    • Real time clock and permanent data storage.
    • Fitted alibi memory, integrated on the motherboard.
    • Slot for built-in micro SD for recording logos (upon request).
    • Functions available with DINITOOLS utility
      - Configuration, data entry and print formatting.
      - Recording and filing of all the information on PC.
      - Complete retrieval of the configuration.
      - Instrument calibration with numeric values.
      - Customization of the screens.
    • 24-bit A/D converter, 4 channels, up to 3200 conv./sec. and up to 8 signal linearisation points.
    • 4 independent analogue channels (up to 2 in the E-AF03 version) for reading of the weight.
    • Connection with up to 16 analogue load cells of 350 Ohm (45 load cells of 1000 Ohm) and with the main digital load cells available on the market (mod. E-AF03).
    • Up to 10.000e OIML or 3 x 3000e @ 0,3 ┬ÁV/e CE-M legal for trade.
    • Up to 1.000.000 displayable divisions for internal factory use, with internal resolution up to 3.000.000 points.
    • Connectable to printers and labellers with free programmation of the printout formats.
    • 110-240 Vac power supply.
  • Main Certifications

    • EU Type Examination Certificate (45501:2015)
    • OIML R76
    • OIML R51 - MID
    • OIML R134 (AF09)
    • New Zealand legal for trade certificate of approval (TSS 2147.1)
  • I/0 Section

    • 1 internal Ethernet port as standard (if activated, it deactivates one serial port), to connect to the company network.
    • 2 RS232 serial ports, for connection to printer, PC or PLC, radio module and optional interfaces.
    • 1 RS232 serial port (RS485 optional), for connection to printer, remote scale, badge reader, or digital load cells.
    • Fitted keyboard emulation input, for barcode/badge readers or external PC keyboard, through cable with mini DIN connector (optional).
    • 4 optoisolated outputs (optional).
    • 2 optoisolated inputs (optional).
    • External Profibus or Modbus/TCP,interface (optional), for automation management.
    • External Profinet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, CANopen or DeviceNet interface (optional, only with standard AF01 weighing program).
    • Modbus RTU Interface.
  • Firmware Options

    Supplied as Standard:
    AF01: Totalization and formula weighing
    AF02: Pieces/quantity counting
    AF03: Weighbridges - Input/Output vehicle
    AF04: Statistical checking of prepackaged goods
    AF05: Price compunting and industrial labelling
    AF08: Wheel and axle static weighing with 2 or various platforms
    AF09: Dynamic and static axle weighing with 2 platforms
    BATCH1: Single product dosage systems in loading and unloading

  • Available Models

    Part NumberDescription
    3590ET88" Touch screen indicator with AF01 software. ABS enclosure. Colour Display. Internal Ethernet port as standard
  • Documents

  • 3590ET8


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