GAL Series

Efficient and compact multifunctional high precision balances, with multi user management, suitable for pharmaceutical, veterinary, and industrial use. Light and easily transportable, useful for those who have to frequently change their workstation

Available Capacties(g): 620, 6200, 15000.

Available on Indent Order

  • Main Features

    • Backlit LCD display with 8 digits 16.5mm high
    • Waterproof membrane keypad, with 9 keys
    • Construction: main structure in die cast aluminium, ABS case
    • Quick weight sensor with tuning fork system
    • 1.6 second weight stabilisation
    • Protection window (GAL620), level bubble and adjustable levelling feet
    • Power supply: 230 Vac feeder included, 4 AA batteries (not included) and USB (disabled self-calibration)
    • Operating temperature +10°C...+30°C, non-condensing relative humidity 85%
    • RS232 port for connection to PC, 3590 series touch screen indicator or printer
    • USB port for connection to a pc that can be used as a virtual serial port RS232
    • Automatic calibration with built-in weights after switching the device on or by pressing the keys
  • Available Functions

    • Zeroing
    • Zero tracking
    • 6 selectable weighing filters
    • Semi-automatic tare
    • Conversion of approved units of measure: g (grams), ct (carats)
    • For internal use: oz (ounces), lb (pounds), ozt (troy ounces), gn (grains), dwt (pennyweight), mom (momme), msg (mesghal), tlh (Hong Kong Tael), tls (Singapore and Malay tael), tlt (Taiwan tael), tola (tola), bat (bath), mg (milligrams)
    • Tolerance control with screen message concerning weight, pieces or customised units of measure and relative (LOW-OK-HIGH) or absolute (MIN-MAX) thresholds
    • Totalization in loading and in unloading on the net or total weight
    • Up to five recordable tares
    • 3 customisable virtual keys to choose the operating mode;
    • 6 customisable virtual keys for the possible functions
    • Automatic update of the reference for the counting
    • Scale Identification number with a 10 digits ID
    • Operational messages for zero and tare execution
    • Bar graph displaying according to the capacity
    • Energy saving rules on the screen backlight
    • Automatically bootable once the power supplier is connected
    • 6 configurable communication serial protocols, with string sending either when the weight is stable, on demand, by pressing a key or continuously
    • Multi-user management with password protection with programmable settings, different for each user
    • 1 Admin - 2 User - 1 Guest
    • Date and time can only be changed by authorized p
  • Weighing Modes

    • Counting
    • Percentage for formulation and recipe dosing
    • Customised coefficient to calculate grammage and liquid volume
    • Density calculation
    • Weight formulation and recalling
    • Simple statistical control
    • Animal weighing
  • Available Models

    Part NumberClassPan Size (mm)Capacities
    GAL620IIØ 118mm620g x 0.001g
    GAL6200II180 x 160 mm6200g x 0.01g
    GAL15000II180 x 160 mm15000g x 0.1g
  • GAL Series
  • GAL Series
  • GAL Series
  • GAL Series
  • GAL Series


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