GAM Series

IP65 high precision scales, suitable for laboratory and industrial use. The completely stainaless steel structure makes this scale suitable for the environments with strict hygiene requirements.

Availabile Capacities(g): from 320 to 15000.

Available on Indent Order

  • Main Features

    • High contrast backlit display.
    • Splashproof membrane keypad.
    • Splashproof constuction, upper structure completely in stainless steel.
    • Overall IP65 protection.
    • Weight detection through tuning fork system.
    • Level and adjustable foot assembly.
    • Power supply: standard fitted with 230 Vac power adapter or optional kit for power supply through 4 AA batteries.
    • Operating temperature +0°C...+40°C, non-condensing relative humidity 80%.
    • RS232/c port for connection to PC, 3590E series indicator or printer.
  • Standard Functions

    • totalisation
    • weight checking
    • counting
    • % weight
    • suspended weighing (for gravimetric measurements)
    • animals weighing
    • zeroing
    • semi-automatic tare
    • digital calibration
  • Advanced Functions

    • Statistical sampling of prepackaged goods
    • Microdosing
    • Multiscale counting
    • Tolerance control
    • Wizard formulation
    • Receipts, labels printing, storage and data transmission
  • Available Models

    Part NumberClassPan Size (mm)Capacities
    GAM320IIØ 140 mm320g x 0.01g
    GAM820IIØ 140 mm820g x 0.01g
    GAM2200II190 x 190 mm2200g x 0.1g
    GAM3200II190 x 190 mm3200g x 0.1g
    GAM6200II190 x 190 mm6200g x 0.1g
    GAM8200II190 x 190 mm8200g x 0.1g
    GAM15000II190 x 190 mm15000g x 1g
  • Documents

  • GAM Series
  • GAM Series
  • GAM Series


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