GAT-N Series

Multipurpose high-precision scale, suitable for laboratory and industrial use.

Available Capacities(g): 210,220.

Available on Indent Order.

  • Main Features

    • Backlit LCD display with 8 16.5mm digits.
    • Waterproof membrane keypad, with 9 keys.
    • Construction: main structure in die-cast aluminium, ABS housing.
    • Weight sensor with tuning fork system.
    • STAINLESS steel plate, size Ø 80mm.
    • Windscreen, level bubble and adjustable feet.
    • Power supply: fitted with 230 Vac power supply unit as standard.
    • Operating temperature +10°C...+30°C, non-condensing relative humidity 80%.;
    • RS232 port (D-SUB9P) for connection to PC, 3590 series Touch Screen indicator or printer;
    • RS232 port (DIN8P) for continuous transmission of weight and remote execution of tare function;
    • Automatic calibration with built-in weights at power-up or by pressing the keys.
  • Weighing Modes

    • Counting.
    • Percentage for formulations and recipe dosing.
    • Customized coefficient to calculate grammage and liquids volume (internal use)
    • Density calculating.
    • Weight formulation and recalling.
  • Functions

    • Zeroing;
    • Zero tracking;
    • 6 selectable weighing filters;
    • Semi-automatic tare;
    • Conversion of approved units of measure: g (grams), ct (carats);
    • For internal use: oz (ounces), lb (pounds), ozt (troy ounces), gn (grains), dwt (pennyweight), mom (momme), msg (mesghal), tlh (Hong Kong Tael), tls (Singapore and Malay tael), tlt (Taiwan tael), tola (tola), bat (bath), mg (milligrams);
    • Tolerance control with screen message concerning weight, pieces or customised units of measure and relative (LOW-OK-HIGH) or absolute (MIN-MAX) thresholds;
    • Totalisation in loading and in unloading, on the net or total weight;
    • Up to five recordable tares;
    • 3 customisable virtual keys to choose the operating mode;
    • 6 customisable virtual keys for the possible functions;
    • Automatic update of the reference for the counting;
    • Scale Identification number with a 10 digits ID;
    • Operational messages for zero and tare execution;
    • Bar graph displaying depending on the capacity;
    • Energy saving rules on the screen backlight;
    • Automatically bootable once the power supply unit is connected;
    • 6 configurable communication serial protocols, with string sending either when the weight is stable, on demand, by pressing a key or continuously;
    • Multi-user management with password protection and programmable settings, different for each user:
    • (1 Admin - 2 User - 1 Guest);
    • Date and time can only be changed by authorized personnel.
  • Available Models

    Part NumberClassPan (mm)Capacities
    GAT120NIØ 80 mm 120g x 0.1mg
    GAT220NIØ 80 mm220g x 0.1mg
  • Documents

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