Rinstrum R323

Key Features

  • 20mm (0.8in) LCD display with LED backlight
  • AC, DC, Battery options
  • IP65 rated housing
  • rinLINK connector
  • Stainless Steel housing
  • New Zealand Trade Approved (TSS 1736.3)

  • Available Models

    Hardware Builds
    R323-K342-CVDC power, Full Stainless Steel
    R323-K342-AVDC power, Stainless Steel Panel Mount
    R323-K342-FNiMH Battery, Full Stainless Steel
    Firmware Options
    K344Basic, RS232, Standard PrintAdditional Charge
    K346Basic, RS232, standard print, 2 outputs, 1 inputAdditional Charge
    K354 RS232, custom print, clock, assignable function key, unit conv., count, peak hold, totalising, dual range, high res., 1 inputAdditional Charge
    K356Full firmware: as K354 above plus: set points, 2 outputs..Additional Charge
  • Documents

  • Rinstrum R323
  • Rinstrum R323
  • Rinstrum R323


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