Rinstrum R423/R427

The R423/R427 is designed with both the installer and operator in mind and cover a wide range of applications.  They are engineered and built to last with reliability being foremost.  The modular design allows for the installation to be commissioned with only the components required, saving on time and money.

  • Key Features

    • 100,000 d @ 0.25 V/d
    • 16 x 350 ohm cells
    • Ethernet support
    • Stainless Steel
    • Robust precise analogue output module
    • New Zealand Trade Approved (R423 - TSS 1813.1, R427 - TSS - 1813.4)
  • Available Models

    Hardware Builds
    R427-K401-AC1Full Stainless Steel, VAC Power
    R427-K401-DCFull Stainless Steel, VDC Power
    R427-K401-FFull Stainless Steel, NiHM Battery
    R423-K401-AStainless Steel Panel Mount, VDC Power
  • Documents

  • Rinstrum R423/R427
  • Rinstrum R423/R427
  • Rinstrum R423/R427
  • Rinstrum R423/R427


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