Single Stainless Steel E2 Masses

Stainless steel weights, conforming to OIML, Class E2, suitable for legal metrology, industrial and research applications. 

The E2 accuracy class allows the use of these weights for checking and calibrating scales and instruments up to 300,000e.

* E2 Weights special order only

  • Features

    • High precision, highly polished, 316 stainless steel cylindrical masses
    • Ideal for checking and calibrating Class I analytical balances
    • Also suitable for precise analytical measurements and as primary reference standards
    • Each mass is made from one piece of stainless steel [monobloc]
  • Available Models

    Individual Weights
    Part NumberValueMaterialTolerance
    E2-SW05500 gStainless Steel+/-0.75mg
    E2-SW02200 g Stainless Steel+/-0.3mg
    E2-SW01100 gStainless Steel+/-0.15mg
    E2-SW50g50 gStainless Steel+/-0.10mg
    E2-SW20g20 gStainless Steel+/-0.080mg
    E2-SW10g10 g Stainless Steel+/-0.060mg
    E2-SW05g5 gStainless Steel+/-0.050mg
    E2-SW02g2 g Stainless Steel+/-0.040mg
    E2-SW01g1 gStainless Steel+/-0.030mg
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  • Single Stainless Steel E2 Masses


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