Single Stainless Steel F2 Masses


  • General purpose polished stainless steel cylindrical masses
  • Ideal for checking and calibrating high precision Class II balances
  • Also suitable for routine analytical measurements and as working standards
  • F2 stainless steel masses are fitted with an adjusting cavity
  • 500mg - 1mg masses are sheet stainless steel
  • Individual masses of 1kg capacity, or higher, are supplied in a padded aluminium box
  • All mass sets are supplied in a padded aluminium box

  • Available Models

    Part NumberValueMaterialTolerance
    F2-SW2020 kg Stainless Steel+/-300mg
    F2-SW1010 kgStainless Steel+/-150mg
    F2-SW55 kgStainless Steel+/-75mg
    F2-SW22 kgStainless Steel+/-30mg
    F2-SW11 kgStainless Steel+/-15mg
    F2-SW05500 gStainless Steel+/-7.5mg
    F2-SW02200 gStainless Steel+/-3.0mg
    F2-SW01 100 gStainless Steel +/-1.5mg
    F2-SW50g50 gStainless Steel+/-1.0mg
    F2-SW20g20 gStainless Steel+/-0.8mg
    F2-SW10g10 gStainless Steel +/-0.6mg
    F2-SW05g5 gStainless Steel+/-0.5mg
    F2-SW02g2 gStainless Steel+/-0.4mg
    F2-SW01g1 gStainless Steel+/-0.3mg
    F2-SW500mg 500 mg Stainless Steel+/-0.25mg
    F2-SW200mg 200 mg Stainless Steel+/-0.20mg
    F2-SW100mg100 mg Stainless Steel+/-0.15mg
    F2-SW00550 mg Stainless Steel +/-0.12mg
    F2-SW00220 mg Stainless Steel+/-0.10mg
    F2-SW00110 mgStainless Steel+/-0.08mg
    F2-SW00055 mgStainless Steel+/-0.06mg
    F2-SW00022 mgStainless Steel+/-0.06mg
    F2-SW00011 mg Stainless Steel+/-0.06mg
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  • Single Stainless Steel F2 Masses


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