T-Scale BWS-M Platform Series

Stainless Steel Platform Scales

Multiple Sizes and Capacities

New Zealand Trade Approved (2042 Indicator/ 2118.1 Base)

  • Main Features

    • New Zealand Trade Approved (TSS 2042 (ind.) - TSS2118 / TSS2118.1 (base))
    • 52mm LCD display , white LED backlight
    • Checkweighing, totalising, animal weighing
    • Weighing unit conversion
    • Stainless steel frame, platform, column, load cell, and indicator
    • Certified IP67, specified IP65
    • 12V AC adaptor / 6V internal rechargeable battery
  • Specifications

    New Zealand Trade Approved/OIML
    3,000e; 6,000d; 15,000d; 
    Pan Size
    320 x 360 mm; 400 x 500 mm; 600 x 600 mm
    52mm digits LCD display with white LED backlight
    7 keys mechanical
    6V/4Ah lead-acid battery up to 40 hours continuous use (without backlight)

  • Available Models

    Part NumberCapacitiesPlatform Size
    BWS-2430M 6kg x 2g 240mm x 300mm
    BWS-3236M 15kg x 5g 320mm x 360mm
    BWS-3236M 30kg x 10g 320mm x 360mm
    BWS-4050M 60kg x 20g 400mm x 500mm
    BWS-4050M 150kg x 50g 400mm x 500mm
    BWS-6060M 300kg x 100g 600mm x 600mm
    BWS-3024-MR 6kg/3kg (Dual Range)300mm x 240mm
    BWS- 3236-MR 30kg/15kg (Dual Range)320mm x 360mm
    BWS- 3236-MR 60kg/30kg (Dual Range) 320mm x 360mm
    BWS- 4050-MR 60kg/30kg (Dual Range) 400mm x 500mm
    BWS- 4050-MR 150kg/60kg (Dual Range) 400mm x 500mm
  • Documents

  • T-Scale BWS-M Platform Series
  • T-Scale BWS-M Platform Series
  • T-Scale BWS-M Platform Series


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